Trove Interiors began as an outlet for Susie Bumstead to bring her point of view to Northwest interiors. With a style that calls upon traditional East Coast foundations and updated Southern California aesthetics, she saw a need for an interior design company that understands the dynamic of mixing classic architectural elements with approachable luxury interiors.

In 2012, Susie was joined by Kate Robertson and their collaborative approach has strengthened the work and relationships built with clients and industry alike. With a combined background that includes industry experience and professional training, Trove Interiors brings a mix of real-world understanding and professional expertise to luxury interiors. 

Prior to founding Trove Interiors, Susie developed licensed products for an international retailer, with notable home projects being a branded paint line for Lowe’s, wallcoverings, indoor and outdoor fabrics and a 12-year design collaboration with Lane Furniture.

Kate’s background, prior to receiving a three-year degree in interior design, included brand management and advertising for a variety of national and international companies. Her time spent managing the business of creativity proved to be the perfect springboard for joining Trove Interiors and wearing the multiple hats of designer, project manager & business-owner.

Designer | Susie Bumstead

A TIMELESS PALETTE: Navy, camel, black, white, ivory. While not necessarily a color, every room should have a little bit of gold – it adds warmth and radiates light like nothing else can. GREATEST EXTRAVAGANCE: Dinner and wine with close friends. ON TRAVEL: A necessity. It’s one of the only times that I’m able to fully recharge and find inspiration. ON SATURDAYS: An ideal Saturday is free of kids’ sports (a rarity) with nowhere to be. It’s an opportunity to move my furniture around and contemplate changes to my own spaces. 


Designer | Kate Robertson

GREATEST EXTRAVAGANCE: Online ordering. It feels like the only option these days, but the convenience gives me more time with my family. ON TRAVEL: It’s all about the balance of relaxation and adventure, but I’m happiest returning to a hotel with a striped awning and a well-appointed bathroom at the end of the day! That said, a vacation rental with a pool and a stockpile of rosé in the fridge can be all a person needs too. THE OUTDOORS: Neat hedgerows bordering loose flowering plants in a tight color palette. As for “The Great Outdoors:” best viewed from a deck or patio with a full menu, in my opinion.