Mercer Island Residence

Our second residence with long-time clients, we have touched almost every room of this Ralph Anderson-designed home. Upon purchasing this property, we began renovating and decorating all main living spaces with the priority of entertaining. Our clients often host charity events and large family gatherings and, above all else, the living room had to function on multiple levels. For large gatherings, rooms needed to feature multiple groupings for conversation and seating. For large family dinners, the living room needed to offer overflow dining. And on a daily basis, the room needed to feel intimate and welcoming. A game table with a double-life as a dining banquette accomplishes one task and seating for over 18 people (when needed) is quietly available.

In the kitchen, we re-imagined and scrapped every element of the early-2000s cherry and granite renovation. The kitchen selections speak to our clients and their tastes: For her, a French range that keeps her time spent living in Paris at the forefront. For him, the peace of mind offered in quartzite counters (a natural stone that is reminiscent of marble but more impervious to etching and chips and difficult to find in the Northwest in white). As with most of our kitchens, we reconfigured and planned the space, designed and elevated the walls and cabinetry, sourced hard surfaces and plumbing and oversaw all wood stain and paint selections.

Square feet:3,285
No. of unique living room accessories:150+
No. of stone yards sourced: 17
“Bar Cupboard” functions: coffee, tea, wine & toast