Forest Drive Residence

Hired after construction, we were asked to carry this extensive renovation to completion with a fresh perspective. Our clients had a very clear understanding of what they like and a fine eye for quality. Our goal was to create polished living spaces that would be as adept at hosting family nights with teens as they are large gatherings with great (red) wine and company. At nearly an acre, our clients were drawn to this property because its potential spoke to their love of an aesthetic more akin to northern California wine country than the Pacific Northwest. Indoor-outdoor living and rooms that position themselves around the backyard pool feature neutral mohair and linen as well as a practical dose of performance fabrics. As with so many projects, the dogs have also found their favorite seats in the house.

Square feet:5,815
No. of active Labradors:2
No. of bespoke furniture pieces commissioned:20+
No. of custom stair runners & area rugs:7