Kitchen & Market – Pike Place Market

In what is arguably a pivot from our typical focus, long-time friends and residential clients asked that we design a grocery store that ‘felt like home.’ With the request that this flagship store in the heart of Pike Place Market be (all at once) beautiful, functional, familiar and covetable, we knew it was not a stretch from how we think about any project, despite the high-use commercial scope of work. This project found us specifying commercial refrigeration, space planning for the grocery shopper, and designing millwork packages for custom built-in shelving and point-of-sale (to name a few things). Notably, this store also features a large “chef’s kitchen” that is the heart of the store and hosts not only daily food prep, but some of the country’s most notable chef’s when they visit for in-store demonstrations and events.

Square feet: 5,000
No. of yearly visitors to Pike Place Market:10 million
No of grocery carts test-driven for specification:15
No. of vintage copper pots sourced:25